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Everyone is experiencing different challenges as a result od Covid-19. Some peoples biggest struggle is with the health issues associated with the virus itself, for others it may be the isolation or social distancing rules. And many people have lost out on important events that had to be rescheduled or permanently cancelled. And a large percentage of people are experiencing severe financial challenges with their businesses or... at

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Be careful with that mirror!

It is very well documented that people see in pictures. If I say the words red elephant, do you immediately see the letters “r-e-d  e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t”, or do you see an image of a red elephant? We also have those same pictures that represent of view of our future and what is possible for us. And some of that picture that we subconsciously imagine about ourselves is because... of

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What is next?

What is next in your life? Have you pondered that question lately, or have you resigned to thinking that for the rest of your days here on earth, you will just take whatever each day brings? A short phrase from one of my favorite Disney movies, the Lion King, comes to mind here. “Hakuna matata”, is a phrase that comes from the Swahili language in Africa and translated

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Change Your Life? Change Your Thinking!

Our thinking is very important, it is the one thing that starts everything else in motion. All of words, actions, behaviors, beliefs, and even future thinking, is largely determined by our current thinking.   I promised in our last blog to give you some tips on changing our thinking and I will do that, but first let me help you understand a little more about the complexity and

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Is It Possible?

I believe that this is an extremely important question that we don’t consciously, ask ourselves often enough.  It sounds like an easy, yes, or no, question, but it is so much more than that. It is a question that is too often subconsciously answered, by our own belief systems, that we have stored up over the course of our life. Those beliefs that all of us have embedded

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Three Costs of Improvement

There is almost always a price, or cost, associated with improvement. And that price usually must be paid, before, we get the rewards that we should expect to come from the improvement. Many times, people are unwilling to pay the price of improvement, because they lack the ability to see a picture(vision), of what life could be like after the investment in the improvement is made. This principle

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Lesson from my new favorite book

I would like to share a few lessons from a special book that I received recently for my birthday. It is not a book that you will find on any best seller lists, or in any bookstore. I have around six hundred books in my library, and this one may always be my favorite. To you, this book might not be all that special, or significant. It is

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Father, our second most important leadership role

I would like to take a moment to thank, appreciate, and honor, fathers. Not just current fathers, but all past, present, and future fathers. Being a father is an extremely honorable role. It is not the physical act of becoming a father that is so important and honorable, it is what we do with that role of father, that makes us an extremely important person. When that miraculous

Father, our second most important leadership role2017-06-17T14:33:27+00:00

What do people and robots have in common?

People are not robots or computers, but sometimes it may feel that way. Increasingly more automation continues to take over our world. Whether you believe it to be a good or bad thing, won’t change the fact that more of it is coming. And it is not only affecting our workplace, technology and automation are also taking over in our personal lives. A generation ago we thought the

What do people and robots have in common?2017-08-07T16:18:21+00:00

Right or Privilege?

I admit that as a dairy farmer, more than once, I have entertained the idea that I should have the “right” to farm the way I want. I own the land, so I should be able to do what I want with it, right? And they are “my” cattle, so I should be able to raise them how I see fit, and not have to listen to what

Right or Privilege?2017-04-19T16:30:18+00:00
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