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A Call To Action

It's a new year! It's a new year and it seems this is the time that people are willing to challenge themselves to do something different. And everyone that I know always chooses something that will make their life better. Nobody "intentionally" sets out to make their life worse, but just because we have not consciously chosen to do something that takes our life in the wrong direction,

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What Book Should I Read?

Making a Daily Investment I recently did some leadership training that emphasized the need for people to grow, or lead themselves, first. It is in fact our most important leadership challenge, and opportunity. I encouraged the group to own the idea that it is their responsibility to grow themselves. I then challenged them to think about how they might be more intentional about growing themselves, and how they

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The One Thing!

 So what is that "one thing" that you want more of in your life?  All of us seem to have a long list of things that we would like to accomplish in life. That is not necessarily wrong, but if we focus on too many things, it is hard to have great success in any one thing. If we pick just one thing to focus on, and we place

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 In one way all people are created equal. We all have 168 hours in a week. We all get exactly 1440 minutes every single day. And we all are equal in that none of us can do anything to get back the time that has passed us by. We could get discouraged by the time that is now behind us, or maybe have regrets while thinking about what


Hero or Villain! That’s Your Choice!

If you're a man and you have ever wondered how important you are, if you're a dad and have ever wondered about what your impact has been or can be, if you're a wife or mother and have ever wondered how important the man in your house is, WATCH THIS VIDEO TO FIND OUT!

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