Simple Miracles by Hank Wagner & Laura Raatz

What’s it about?

Busy lives deserve a healthy dose of simplicity. In this book the authors explore 52 everyday topics that impact the quality of your relationships, work experiences, and the trajectory of your personal life. Based on real-life examples, each chapter presents a simple miracle for the reader to move toward and embrace. By putting into play the calls to action, you’ll open the door to self-improvement, personal growth and healing, and a new perspective on living your best life.

Ranging from serious to simple, the subject matter reveals lessons learned by Hank and Laura, the father-daughter duo who penned this work. Whether you read this book as a motivational resource or a weekly devotional, the simple miracles explored within can transform your present circumstances and change your future – as well as the futures of the people with whom you’re connected.

Heartily pursue these simple miracles and see what transformations you’ll set into motion!

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