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Everyone is experiencing different challenges as a result od Covid-19. Some peoples biggest struggle is with the health issues associated ...
Be careful with that mirror!

Be careful with that mirror!

It is very well documented that people see in pictures. If I say the words red elephant, do you immediately ...
What is next?

What is next?

What is next in your life? Have you pondered that question lately, or have you resigned to thinking that for ...
Change Your Life? Change Your Thinking!

Change Your Life? Change Your Thinking!

Our thinking is very important, it is the one thing that starts everything else in motion. All of words, actions, ...
Is It Possible?

Is It Possible?

I believe that this is an extremely important question that we don’t consciously, ask ourselves often enough.  It sounds like ...
Three Costs of Improvement

Three Costs of Improvement

There is almost always a price, or cost, associated with improvement. And that price usually must be paid, before, we ...

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