Family is really important to us and, because you are reading this, I’m guessing it is also important to you. We spend a lot of our lives with family, and time spent can be filled with great memories or bad ones. We have more ability to influence the outcome of our lives than many people realize. People often think that they will intuitively will be great spouses or parents, that when the time comes, they will just “know” what to do, but in most cases that is simply just not true. Our belief systems, habits, and things we see modeled by others have a huge impact on what kind of spouse or parent we will become.

As parents we have an extremely important responsibility to prepare our children. Teaching, training, disciplining, encouraging, and helping our children get closer to their potential is the most important job we will ever have. Think about it, you are the only father or mother your child will ever have. Sometimes it may not seem like it, but they need you.

Leadership in Families

Leadership for Dads

Leadership for dads has been a very successful class for men who want to be better dads. We need men to be leaders in their homes and to step up to the plate to be the father our children today so desperately need. This class provides training, encouragement, and resources for men who want to take a step closer to being a better dad.

 Leadership for Parents

We have had requests for leadership training for parents or couples. Parenting should be a team effort and this class will help each of you understand and support each other in your roles as mom and dad.

Father/Daughter Event

Fathers are important, especially in the lives of their daughters. At this event we will have sessions for dads and daughters, separately and together. You will have the opportunity to learn, bond, forgive, love, and celebrate one of the most important relationships in our world today.

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Leadership in Business

Leadership is a crucial part of success anywhere people are involved, which is everywhere. Leadership means different things to people, and it can sometimes be a confusing topic that is hard for people to grasp. To make matters worse, people and businesses are often at different stages of leadership development, so continual training in this area is often necessary. Some popular topics for training are;

  1. What is leadership and its extremely important connection to you?
  2. Vision and goal-setting
  3. How to use thinking and belief systems to our advantage
  4. Habits and behaviors, and their connection to success
  5. Life-long learning, why and how to make it a part of your business culture
  6. People, relationships, and how to make sure they are what we want them to be
  7. Communication skills, not just how we speak but also learning how to listen

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Leadership in Faith

Many times, people don’t think about leadership development in faith based organizations or churches. Everything rises and falls on leadership, and that includes churches. Successful churches understand the need to continually invest in and grow leaders, at all levels. The same leadership principles that bring about more success in families, organizations, communities, and business, also apply in churches. Some popular topics are;

  1. Understanding what leadership is and how it applies to people in this area.
  2. Why vision and goal-setting are extremely important in the spiritual area and how to use them to fulfill purpose and destiny.
  3. Thinking, habits, and behaviors all impact the lives of people, not just at home or in business, but especially in churches.
  4. All churches are filled with people. Successful businesses, organizations, and even families who invest in helping their people learn and apply great communication skills, have more success, peace, and joy, why not churches?
  5. Unity is extremely important and can be the determining factor on the accomplishment of vision and goals. The greatest test, and need, for unity is most often found in volunteer teams.
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Leadership for Youth

Truth for Teens

What happens when parents aren’t willing to learn about or grow themselves as a parent? Do we just let those children wonder through life wondering who they are and what meaning there is to their life? Do we stand by and watch as their peers ruthlessly “tell” them about all their faults and weaknesses and why they are doomed for failure? This class is about helping young people understand their value and significance. It helps them learn about and see that they have value and gives them hope. We will also teach them basic family principles that they should be learning from their parents but, for whatever reason, do not have that opportunity. This class is for youth who want more self-confidence and direction in their lives.

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Individual Mentoring and Coaching

We offer individual and group mentoring or coaching for anyone who wants more specific or personal growth in this area. This is not counseling, but helps you think about what you want in your families or relationships and how you get there.

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“Hank is an excellent teacher. He inspires, motivates, and helps people understand.” – Kathy Vorpahl

Kathy Vorpahl

“Our family of 5 has been greatly impacted by several classes from Wagner Leadership Training. Our family ranges in age from 11 to 40, and we have learned as individuals, and together as a family. We have learned about how leading ourselves, having goals, and creating correct habits and behaviors, leads to strong relationships, and more success for all of us.” -Mike and Brandie Genske

Mike and Brandie Genske

“Wagner Leadership Training has impacted the culture of our church in such a positive way. Individuals from all walks of life have discovered that reaching their God given potential isn’t something that just happens on its own. The principles taught by Hank have inspired many to be better leaders in their homes, workplaces and in the church family. I’d highly recommend the Wagner Leadership Training team to any group wanting to go beyond mediocrity.” – Pastor Bob Wied, New Life Church Pulaski

Pastor Bob Wied, New Life Church Pulaski

“Hank Wagner is one of the most dynamic, real and impactful leadership trainers we’ve ever worked with. Wagner Leadership Training provides a wide array of trainings, workshops, and thought-provoking keynotes to help you develop your leadership potential into greatness. Leadership is the one ingredient that every family, business, and community relies on.  Every person is loaded with the potential to be an amazing leader.  Wagner Leadership Training help you discover that potential and grow it into real greatness.” – Shelly Mayer, Executive Director at The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

Shelly Mayer, Executive Director, The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

We will continue to develop and provide programs, resources, and events in this area. Not just because it is needed but also because help with this is hard to find. How to be a great parent or spouse is not taught in high school or college. Why not make an investment in you, your family, and all of the lives that touch each of you for generations to come by learning in these areas. If you have a strong foundation in your family it will also bring about happiness and success in other areas of your life as well.