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Our Story

Hank is a fourth generation dairy farmer, and the next generation are already part owners in the farm. It is truly a family business that has included his wife, Pam, both dads, Tony and Norman, two amazing children, Shawn and Laura, and a sister-in-law. Hank and Pam have also had the opportunity to work for both of their fathers and then to switch roles and work with their fathers as owners. Hank and Pam have owned Wagner Farms Inc. for over 28 years and Hank is currently president. The farm has changed, grown and evolved, and we are proud to produce enough milk daily to provide over 35,000 people with 3 glasses of wholesome milk.

We love farming and helping to feed the world, but it was a trip to Togo, Africa that changed our lives forever. Those poor people of Africa helped us realize that life is not just about trying to get our sandbox as big as we can and to fill it with as many toys as possible. People are the most important and valuable thing on this planet. It is our families, friends and relationships that are most important. It is also people that help us fulfill dreams and bring about success in almost every area of our lives.

That is why we started Wagner Leadership Training. To help people grow, help dreams come to pass and to help bring others and the people around them closer to all that they have the potential to be. If you have dreams, goals, and a purpose you want to fulfill, we would love to help. If you want to grow as an individual or help those around you in your family, business, or organization we will do our best to help you be the best you can be. If you need a motivational speaker to help your group or organization rise to a new level and be filled with a determination to be the best they can be, check us out. “Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” John C Maxwell

Certified Leadership Training

Hank is a certified John Maxwell Team teacher, trainer, mentor, coach, and speaker. Hank has been learning about and applying John Maxwell’s leadership principles for over twenty five years. He has been able to apply much of what he learned from John Maxwell and his team in their businesses.

“I have also been involved in a number of leadership roles in different organizations. I love leadership and seeing the positive results when the right kind of leadership is applied.”

– Hank

Meet Our Team

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Leadership Begins with YOU!

Hank talks about leadership and why it’s important to you and how you grow as a person.

Wagner Leadership Training

Hank gives his perspective on the value of taking his leadership courses.

Leadership Begins with You!

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