What is next?

What is next in your life? Have you pondered that question lately, or have you resigned to thinking that for the rest of your days here on earth, you will just take whatever each day brings? A short phrase from one of my favorite Disney movies, the Lion King, comes to mind here. “Hakuna matata”, is a phrase that comes from the Swahili language in Africa and translated means “no worries”. There is a period in the movie where the easy-going characters Simba, Timon, and Pumba, live out that phrase by simply taking what each day gives them, and not worrying about it.

I certainly will never tell anyone to purposely worry about anything. Worry is a very damaging process that brings no positive fruit to our lives. Someone once told me that, “Worry is like interest, paid in advance, on something we may never own”. In the movie as the three unlikely friends live out their “no worries” lifestyle, something unexpected happens. Each of them comes to the realization that there is purpose and destiny attached to their lives. They become more aware of how other lives are dependent on them living out their purpose. And as they took steps to move in the direction of what they new they were supposed to do, they found out it wasn’t always easy. But they also found deep fulfillment in serving others, and living a life guided by vision and purpose.

I know, its just an animated Disney movie, right? If you have seen The Lion King, you realize that we all know people who are living out lives that resemble one of the characters in that movie. Which one are you, and where are you in your journey called life? Or maybe it is time to ask, “What is next?”

I love to ask questions, which is one of the reasons I love coaching. And most times when I ask the “What is next” question I get this blank, deer in the headlights kind of look. And then comes, “I don’t know”, or “I’m not sure”, or more often that you would think, “I have no idea!” And then there is a sincere question that often follows, “How do I know what my purpose in life is?”

I believe that there are many important clues to help us answer that very important question. The people around us can help guide us to the answer, but we must be very, very, careful who we listen to. Let’s go back to the movie for a moment, Simba was told by his uncle Scar that he made too many big mistakes and that he had no business thinking that he could be a king. Unfortunately, Simba listened to him and for a time was of little value to anyone as he avoided his true purpose. Then several other characters in the movie informed him of his potential, and his purpose, and what did he do? He was unwilling to listen and instead looked at his failures to confirm that he could not possibly accomplish great things.

And once again, these same things are happening in most of our lives. We all have people around us who resemble the character Scar, they are dream killers and we must be careful of their negative influence. We have all made mistakes and many of them have contributed to our best learning and the depth of our character. And we all have those people around us who believe in us and encourage us to be all that we can be, we must listen to them.

Another clue to knowing what is next is by being more aware of those things that you are passionate about, or those things that cause purposeful irritation, both could be clues to your destiny. And sometimes we just fall into circumstances that help reveal our destiny, and I have a few life experiences to back that one up if you need more proof!


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