Is It Possible?

I believe that this is an extremely important question that we don’t consciously, ask ourselves often enough.  It sounds like an easy, yes, or no, question, but it is so much more than that. It is a question that is too often subconsciously answered, by our own belief systems, that we have stored up over the course of our life. Those beliefs that all of us have embedded deep in our thinking, and in our hearts, were established at a very young age.

Studies have shown that eighty percent of a person’s belief systems are… in place by the time we are eight years old. One of the reasons to be very careful how we train up our young children, and a clue to why the often negative, unsupervised impacts of technology, are setting up our children for future consequences, in their lives and the lives of people around them. One-hundred percent of a person’s belief system is in place by the time we are eighteen years old. At that stage of life learning usually takes a different path. Young children are known for their curiosity, and a seemingly unending quest to ask questions. Those questions slowly subside as we get older, because we get them answered, and they become our beliefs.

Our subconscious mind then works 24/7 to help us live out those beliefs. Our subconscious seeks to help us do whatever those beliefs are, regardless if they are right or wrong, good, or bad, truth or lie.

Now back to the simple question, “Is it possible?” That question is being answered for us all day, every day, by our subconscious mind. For example, if I were to send you an invitation to speak to a large group of people, what would your answer be? Are you crazy! No way! I am not a speaker! I can’t do that! All different versions of NO! And most, if not all, of those answers would come to you with little, or no conscious thought. Your subconscious already informed you that you could not do such a thing based on your beliefs about yourself, and your perceived capabilities.

I am sure that you have heard this quote, “Whether you say, “I can”, or “I can’t”, you are right. That statement is true, and it is also directly linked to the question, “Is it possible?” The answer to this seemingly simple question, “Is it possible?”, can accurately forecast a person’s future. It is often the first step to be able to accomplish something bigger than ourselves, a belief that it can happen. The answer to this extremely important question also accurately reveals a person’s “current” thinking and/or beliefs.

How this question is answered also identifies why some people achieve more that others. Our belief systems, and our thinking, has also allowed our subconscious mind to remind us of our limitations, coming mostly from our past failures or mistakes. It will tell us that we can’t speak in front of people because of our fear related to a negative experience from our past, such as a failure in speech class back in school. Our subconscious will be there to inform us of everything that is not possible for us. Unfortunately, it’s assessment is based on our past and/or current beliefs, rather than on what can truly happen.

The good news is we can change our thinking and set our subconscious mind on a different path. The bad news is that it is not as easy as it sounds. Stay tuned for more on this in our next blog!

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