A Call To Action

It’s a new year!

It’s a new year and it seems this is the time that people are willing to challenge themselves to do something different. And everyone that I know always chooses something that will make their life better. Nobody “intentionally” sets out to make their life worse, but just because we have not consciously chosen to do something that takes our life in the wrong direction, doesn’t mean it is not happening.

Some of the January rush is already over at gyms across America. People set out with good intentions to improve their health by regularly working out at a gym, not even realizing that they had already failed on their new endeavor, before they went for their first visit. There are some who refuse to go to the gym because they have tried that for years and it never worked, so they have “accepted” the “thinking” that an improvement in their health is just not for them.
The sad part is that many of those people who have experienced failed New Year’s Resolutions also allow it to carry over into the rest of their lives. Their self-esteem, and recognition of the limitless potential within them, takes a huge hit. They begin to think that the way to feel better about themselves is to limit failure, and they conclude that the best way to do that, is to not try anything new.
This is a recipe for staying the same, or becoming stagnant. Don’t assume that everything must always change, if there is an area of your life that is extremely successful, don’t change anything! But if there is an area of your life that you wish to have more success, I’m sorry, but there is only one way, something must change!

What people really need

I believe what people really need “before” heading to the gym in January is some training on how to think, believe, set goals, and develop habits. Everything, and I do mean everything, that we do begins with our thinking. All our beliefs, words, actions, habits, and behaviors, began with thoughts we accepted, or rejected. Our education systems are doing a very poor job of teaching us how to think, they teach us what to think, but not how to think. And because of our lack of “thinking training”, our self-esteem, actions, habits, and futures, are not what they have the potential to become.

Ok, so what can I do about it? Maybe “before” heading to the gym, or whatever your New Year’s Resolution is, set a goal to get some “thinking training”. Choose to give your mind a workout, before, or along with, giving the rest of your body a workout. Wagner Leadership Training does have a six-week class starting January 25th in Clintonville that will provide some of that “thinking training”.

Get serious about changing the way you think

Maybe it’s the year you choose to hire a mentor, or coach, to take your life to a level you never thought possible. Very few people have chosen to utilize a mentor or coach in their life plan. Fewer that one in a thousand people have a life coach, yet it remains as one of the most significant ways to have transformation in the life of a person. Hank is a certified trainer, mentor, and coach, and at Wagner Leadership Training we are all about transforming lives, so if you, or a person you know, wants to get serious this year about more success in your life, we can help.

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